Saturday April 5th, Modestep turned the House of Blues into an EDM mosh fest. They came out with same kind of energy they had at Northcoast Music Festival. It was a little after 11, the opener Knuckle Children recently walked off the stage, setting the scene for the quartet from London graced the stage. It was already hot on the dance floor from everyone grinding and twerking to Knuckle Children, did I mention this was a sold out show? Modestep opened up with an array of EDM mashup tunes, and broke into their original song “To the Stars.” The energy level of the crowd was off the walls all night long. One minute it would be a melodic and a harmonic sounding tune, and the next it was in your face bass and psychotic guitar solos. As they started to play “Show me a Sign,” lighters lit up the House of Blues, as people sang along before getting crushed by the heavy beats.

The energy level never slowed down, main reason was when someone has a mic in their hand the whole show it is easy to keep the crowd hyped up. I mentioned in my concert preview there would be some moshing, and was there ever! Dropping Rage Against the Machines “Killing in the Name of” got the mosh pit started. It has been quite some time since I’ve experienced a mosh pit at the House of Blues. For the encore, Modestep played their most popular hit “Sunlight” as the whole crowd belted out the lyrics. The singer asked everyone to get on the ground and jump up as the tempo picked up and all madness ensued. It was such a great show; a lot of jumping moshing, and beat dropping. React Presents came through with another stellar lineup.

Written by: Derek Bogseth

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