To many of us out there it seems as house music just exploded onto the market with little or no precursor to it's massive takeover. Many people are uneducated on the origins of dance music, and would be surprised to find out it actually has a long deep rooted history in Europe and the States. From the birth of the synthesizer, to the massive warehouse raves of the late 80's, house music has had a firm grip on niche communities for decades. It was only when Europe adopted the budding genre from Chicago that house music began to have a real presence in the US. Our friends over at DJ Tech Tools have compiled a time line of sorts that tracks the progression of house music from it's Chicago beginnings, through the explosion of rave culture in the late 90's. DJ Tech Tools "History Of The Rave Scene: How DJs Built Modern Dance Music" is the perfect place to start your research on a genre that is much more than a passing fad.

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