Modestep are truly unmatched; no matter in Los Angeles, NYC or in the heart of their hometown of London. Meshing together the souls of EDM and metal has done unwarranted things. This has been apparent since the beginning of their careers in 2010, and will continue with the exciting upcoming news for the duo. On May 26, brothers Tony and Josh Friend are due to release their highly anticipated sophomore album, London Road. Known for that perfect mesh of British dubstep and hard rock, their second collection of vibrations will with no doubt be a sensation amongst diehard fans and inevitable newbies alike.

During a small release party in the heart of Hollywood, younger brother Josh said of his tastes in music, “I like stuff with emotion. I want to be moved by the stuff I listen to, I want to move the people who listen to our music.” To have found themselves amongst a genre that generically seeks out something more shallow — just the constant movement of our feet and boobing of the head. The notion was admirable to hear from the performer. Something that is so obviously portrayed through Modestep’s old and upcoming works, as well as in every one of their live performances and DJ sets. Though with their metal revival through live performance and gritty tone, the essence of what he said was nowhere near a surprise.

What came as a surprise though, was when we chatted about their following DJ set at infamous Sound Nightclub. Interestingly, Tony is the sole genius behind the heat of a typical Modestep DJ set. Wearing his notorious mask, the older brother spins on the decks while Josh stands by as the front man, singer and performer extraordinaire. But having spent 30 hours preparing for the Los Angeles set and then delivering to a delighted crowd; the dynamic proved itself without question. The U.K. boys have been an integral part in keeping the lost love of dubstep and drum & bass alive and will with no doubt continue to do so for several years to come.

One of our favorites from the album, "Rainbow," can be streamed today. Check out the track below and mark your calendars for both the release of London Road and their return to the U.S. We’ve heard rumors they’ll be traveling with the whole band next time – and that is something you won’t want to miss. Pre-order the album on their official website now.

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