Mardi Gras is one of the most unique and weirdly awesome holidays we have. Being known worldwide as the last day to satisfy your sins before the long weeks of lent, a Roman Catholic tradition, in a crazy carnival-like fashion. Over the centuries, Mardi Gras, dubbed as “Fat Tuesday,” has gained a variety of different traditions with glitz and glam that contributes to that spontaneity of this intensely fun event. We weren’t in New Orleans for their raging party so we celebrated Mardi Gras the Denver way with Feed Me, Mord Fustang, Ishe, and Tjani at the Ogden.

This was one of the most non-traditional Mardi Gras events here in Denver. There were plenty of beaded necklaces but the majority of the crowd was wearing rave kandi and glow bracelets, naturally. Tjani, a New York based DJ/Producer, kicked off the night with some kind of hybrid of future garage music. It was very tribal, earthy, and sexy. The thing that separates Tjani from the typical DJ is that he really gets into his sets. He likes to whip his dreadlocks all over the place with a genuine grin on his face—it was refreshing to watch and dance along with him. Trickling into the last half of Tjani’s set he progressively starts to shake things up with some moombahton, trap, and dubstep, which set a good vibe for the rest of the night.

Ishe, local Denver legend DJ/Producer, transitioned smoothly after Tjani’s set. The crowd was piling in quickly shortly after he went on—creating a much more dense space with excited fans. Ishe was determined to take the music energy a notch higher with some of the dirtiest dubstep and trap music that anyone has heard. There wasn’t a single person not moving and that was a phenomenal sight to see. Ishe carried on with his heavy set and ended with bangers just as good as his starters. There’s a reason why he is well known around this area and Tuesday night justified it again—he is a highly skilled DJ.

Mord Fustang took the stage with a suave new haircut and what sounded like some new tunes. The lights turned blue when he went on and it made him look like some kind of mad genius, in the good way. Mr. Fustang took everyone on an electric ride with electro house, dubstep, and a style of music that sounded a lot like glitch hop. Typically, a more euphoric set after a heavy set doesn’t work all that well but in this case it really did.

After Mord Fustang ended it was time for the special unveiling of the Feed Me custom engineered LED stage set up. But, ten minutes turned into 20 minutes. The crowd was really antsy and confused. Arriving around 30 minutes late, the veil finally dropped and everybody’s eyes started to sparkle with excitement. The lateness all of a sudden didn’t matter anymore once Feed Me started spinning and the giant teeth grin was flashing intensely in the crowd’s faces. The stage set up was incredible and super technical. It was the branded face of Feed Me but 50x larger and 100x brighter than what we all know. Long story short, it got hot and musky super fast and we all left drenched in sweat with dripping glitter and face paint.

Confusion about Feed Me’s absence from the show still lingered afterward. So, Feed Me released a message on Facebook Thursday, February 14th, explaining the reason why he arrived so late. Here is what he said:

“To clear any confusion, this week I somehow contracted a viral form of Meningitis.

I started feeling off key right before the Boulder show, and once the bus left afterwards I was in a lot of pain. It continued throughout the next day, thanks to my friends and crew a doctor was called, and I was taken to Porter hospital. The amazing staff there gave me express treatment and fast-tracked through a spinal tap to diagnose, and then dual IV antibiotics and antivirals, as well as pain medication. I gained a good amount of immediate relief and under fairly strict guidelines and the consent of my tour crew and the promoter, I discharged myself to play the Denver show. I'm so glad I did, to everyone who came and filled it out you were great.

I got driven directly back to hospital from the side of stage and spent the next two nights getting scans and treatment. I'm really pleased to say due to my apparently amazing immune system, 5 or 6 bags of antiviral and a lot of Hydromorphone this morning I was released as safe to travel, and so all shows are on, as billed, with the amazing Mord Fustang.

Shouts to everyone who sent get well messages, excited to be back on my feet. Feeeeed.”

All we have to say is WOW! I don’t think anyone was expecting him to be so sick and that was the reason why he was so late. Feed Me, we are all incredibly humbled by you pulling through to play us a show and we are glad you are feeling better. Mardi Gras—the Denver way—was a successful mission despite the lateness. It is always better to focus on the positive with these kinds of things—and let’s all admit it: we really needed a break anyways! In the end, it was a fun night filled with mystery and banging tunes. What kind of Mardi Gras party is better than that? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

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