It was recently announced that Lido is linking up with Canblaster, who makes up 1/4 of Bromance Records group Club Cheval (alongside Sam Tiba, Panteros 666 and MYD) for a collaborative new EP titled Superspeed. The two gave fans their first sample of what the EP is going to have in store with “Rush Hour,” a track that brings together the hip-hop infused brand of electronic music that the Bromance Records camp has been championing as of late with the futuristic style of Lido.

Now, they've unveiled the title track from Superspeed, which further hints that the EP’s full release is going to be something truly special. The dance-y new aged melody is a perfect blend of both producers' styles, and shows that this Norwegian/Parisian union may be one that sticks around for some time.

The Superspeed EP is set to be released on April 6 on Pelican Fly, the same label that Lido has released his first two official EPs on. Stay tuned for more music to come from the EP soon. You can pre-order the release on iTunes.

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