Lido recently linked up with French producer Canblaster, who makes up 1/4 of Bromance Records group Club Cheval (alongside Sam Tiba, Panteros 666 and MYD) for a collaborative new EP titled Superspeed. The two gave fans their first sample of what the EP is going to have in store with “Rush Hour,” a track that brings together the hip-hop infused brand of electronic music that the Bromance Records camp has been championing as of late with the futuristic style of Lido. Shortly following was the title track from Superspeed, which further hinted that the EP’s full release is going to be something truly special. The dance-y new aged melody is a perfect blend of both producers’ styles, and shows that this Norwegian/Parisian union may be one that sticks around for some time.

Now, the full release has arrived, and it is one that fans of both of artists, as well as those unfamiliar with them will not want to miss. The EP is a flurry of future bass sounds that showcase these young producers' brilliant studio and musical abilities. Fans can now get an inside look at the making of the Superspeed EP with this behind the scenes video, which shows the two artists as they bounce ideas off one another in the Paris studio where the EP was born. The small glimpses we see of the two playing piano also show how talented Lido and Canblaster truly are. Watch the video above.

The Superspeed EP is now available on iTunes via Pelican Fly. Pick up the release now, and stream the full EP below.

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