Still under the radar, French electronic duo The Name have been backed by Canblaster since their inception. Although not included on this album, the group is known in France for scoring the theme song "Try Again," recently released on Soundcloud and iTunes, to the popular show "Braf."

The Journey  begins with the title track in its original form. A synth heavy bubbly dance track, it begs to be performed live with the duos electronic orchestra of drums and many synthesizers. "Hunt Down," another original track, features seductive vocals from Clo of We are Enfant Terrible. Slightly less cluby, "Hunt Down" is eerie yet upbeat and leads into Clo simply repeating catchy words such as "whisper," "tremble," "scare," "smile" and "hurt" to the beat.

"Hunt Down" is remixed by We are Enfant Terrible as track three. Slowing down the original, especially the vocals, it reminds the listener of the days of Electroclash and fellow Frenchie, Miss Kittin.

The rest of the EP is dedicated to three remixes of "The Journey." The first, by Janski Beeeats ups the electronic factor, turning the song into a glitchy and scratch heavy powerful dance song. Museum remixes next, taking the song away from the dance floor and into a much heavier track - continuously building up for a drop but never committing. Lastly, a remix by Christine, my favorite of the trio, emphasizes the synthesizer and creates a memorable hook.

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