Jackson And His Computerband, the stage name for Parisian artist Jackson Fourgeaud, seems to have a fan in Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke. The Glasgow native took “Vista," a single from Jackson’s September album “Glow," and given it a soaring transformation. A twilight-filled intro builds us into forceful drums that contrast powerfully with the vocals’ airy texture. Suddenly we jump off a cliff into a synthed out melody that spins your mind around and up into space. After around the three-minute mark is the point where you give up trying to follow the explosive tune’s trajectory and just sit back for the very joyful ride. Hudson Mohawke’s rework, available to order off Jackson And His Computerband’s “G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)” EP here (https://bleep.com/release/46571-jackson-and-his-computerband-gi-jane-fill-me-up), is a bombastic tune that’s not to be missed! Check out this fine “Vista” remix below.