Hudson Mohawke is getting ready to release his second full length album, Lantern, on June 15. Back in March, he gave fans their first taste of the album with the track “Very First Breath,” featuring French vocalist and Breakbot collaborator Irfane. Premiering as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record In The World,” this track was certainly a more inviting preview of what the album has in store than the terrifying teaser video for Lantern featuring Ronald McDonald. You can pre-order the much-anticipated album on iTunes via Warp Records.

The single just earned a reworking from Colorado-based DJ-producer SteLouse. Now, "Very First Breath" has earned an official remix from Boys Noize. The remix is a dance-y change of pace from the original mix, which provides a slowed hip-hop influenced sound that Hudson Mohawke has become famous for. This "turbine mix" of the track is only one of two official remixes provided by Boys Noize — the other being the "classic mix" of "Very First Breath," which brings the tempo back down a bit while still providing the electro-oriented sound of Boys Noize. The "classic mix" is not available for stream, but is available for purchase along with the "turbine mix" and the track's original mix on iTunes now via Warp Records.

The release of this remix comes shortly after Boys Noize release his collaboration with Pilo, "Cerebral," as part of his innovative new concept album Strictly Raw Vol. 1, as well as his track alongside Tiga, "100," from their collaborative forthcoming EP. It looks like Boys Noize has quite a few releases coming our way, which is good news for all dance fans. Stay tuned for more from Boys Noize to come soon.

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