Hudson Mohawke is getting ready to release his second full length album, Lantern, on June 15. Back in March, he gave fans their first taste of the album with the track “Very First Breath,” featuring French vocalist and Breakbot collaborator Irfane. Premiering as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record In The World,” this track was certainly a more inviting preview of what the album has in store than the terrifying teaser video for Lantern featuring Ronald McDonald. You can pre-order the much-anticipated album on iTunes via Warp Records.

Now, Denver-based DJ-producer SteLouse has put his signature touch on the track. By slowing down the track and pitching its vocals up and down, while throwing in some wobbly synths to give the remix its groovy feel. With this track, SteLouse, as he's done with many tracks before it, is showing his brilliant production skills. He writes on the Soundcloud page for the remix, saying, "Just a quick little remix I made for fun. Something a bit different. Love it or hate it I don't care, here it is." As for us, we love it. What's more is that this remix is also available for download free of charge. Head to SteLouse's official Facebook page to download the track.

Still somewhat of a newcomer to the scene, SteLouse shows why he has the ability for longevity in the scene. Watch for him to deliver more impressive tracks like this one, and get acquainted with this exciting young artist if you haven't done so already.

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