Many headphones come in and out of the doors of our elektro offices in search of glowing reviews. Some fall short of expectations; headbands are too tight, sound is too patchy, the buds keep falling out of your ears. However, there are the few and worthy that step up their game and rise to the challenge. Such is the case with Jabar’s Revo Wireless headphones. The headphones hit all the benchmarks you look for when considering your next pair of headphones (akin to a new arm or limb), making for the ideal addition to any audiophile’s toolset.

Let’s begin with the most important aspect of the Revo: sound quality. The hi-fi frequency response of the headphones make for unbelievable clarity and crispness when listening to a wide range of music. From the electrifying kicks in techno to the in-your-face drums of hardstyle, Jabar’s Revo captures every soundwave for a complete listening experience. Vocals are optimized to the point that you’ll feel the vocalist is belting out their lyrics right next you thanks to Revo’s digital signal processing. Moreover, this same technology suppresses echoes in your music, allowing you to experience each note and instrument as the producer intended.

The sound quality in these cans is further complimented by their sleek and thoughtful design. Revo’s Bluetooth-powered wireless connectivity is both useful and functional. The headphones is both Bluetooth, AVRCP, and NFC-enabled, allowing you to wireless listen to, play or pause your music at a moment’s notice. Although the volume and power of the headphones does decrease a bit when unplugged, the quality of the sound itself is never compromised when in use. Whether plugged in or not, you have access to the headphone’s state-of-the-art dual microphone that’ll allow you talk on your phone through them thanks to its noise cancelling and voice enhancing technologies. To top things off, the design of the Revo is highly functionality and user friendly. The fully adjustable headband fits like a glove on any head shape and the earphone buds sit comfortably around your ears with no pain and full sound resonance. With up to 12 hours of playback time when unplugged, Jabar’s Revo Wireless headphones are sure fire way to ensure you hear every note, kick, bassline and clap of your favorite tracks. See the Revo in action below and make sure to pick a pair for yourself or your favorite music junkie here, or on the official Apple Webstore.

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