The headphone market is certainly a competitive one, with brands like Beats by Dre, Sennheiser, Pioneer, AKG, AIAIAI and Sol Republic (just to name a few of the vast range of different brands that exist) all fighting for supremacy. Whether you're a DJ or simply a music fan aiming for the most enjoyable and best quality listening experience, consumers are faced with the decision of choosing which brands and products to spend their money on.

Now, Time Magazine has broken down the rankings from worst to best to make that decision easier for you. The results of the rankings, which were determined by weighing expert reviews on each brand along with their specs and features, may surprise many consumers. The widely worn (whether it be for style or quality) Beats by Dre headphones came in the second to last spot at No. 17. Bose Headphones, which are often hailed for their great sound quality, landed at the No. 12 spot, behind Apple. The aforementioned AKG, AIAIAI and Sol Republic headphones were surprisingly left off of the list. Hailing the top spots are Shure, Grado and Klipsch, securing the first, second and third spots respectively.

If you're someone who is currently in the hunt for the best headphones on the market, this ranking might assist you in narrowing your search. Check out the video that takes viewers through the ranking from worst to best on Time Magazine, and check out the breakdown of the picks in the graphic below.

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