Luxury and headphones are two concepts that aren’t usually associated with each other. However, V-MODA has perfected fusing these two concepts together with their line of extremely high quality headphones and DJ equipment.

V-MODA’s XS headphones are the equivalent of a luxury sports car that goes on your ears. Its sleek and durable design creates for a convenient listening experience, devoid of common frustrations, such as tangling and bulkiness.

Also similar to luxury sports car, the V-MODA XS can be customized to your liking with the options to choose from Matte Black and White Silver as the base color, and 10 different color options for the Extra Shield Color. You can also choose from multiple different pre-made designs to put on the outer edge of the headphones or upload custom text and designs. The headphones come with a carrying case that is equipped with Velcro straps and the foldable aspect of the headphones allows you to reduce the V-MODA's to nearly 1/3 its size and fit inside of the chic carrying case provided.

Since everyone is listening to tunes on their smart phones these days, the inclusion of a microphone is a necessity. Thankfully, V-MODA’S mic is strong enough for whoever you care calling to hear you perfectly (even on a crowded Chicago train) without.

Most importantly, the sound of the V-MODA XS headphones are impeccable. Most headphones out seem to just focus on packing as much bass as possible, but V-MODA focuses more on clarity, with the sound quality being one of the best I have ever heard on a listening device. V-MODA is quickly becoming the standard of quality and retails for the price of $212.

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