Last month, DJ-producer SteLouse impressed listeners with his signature touch on the single from Hudson Mohawke, "Very Last Breath," by slowing down the track and pitching its vocals up and down, while throwing in some wobbly synths to give the remix its groovy feel. Now, he's uploaded a new track to his Soundcloud, a previously unreleased, experimental creation from the Denver-based artist.

"Closer" is a dark trap song that ventures outside of SteLouse's established future bass sound. However, it still comes complete with the kind of clean and unique production value that he has exhibited throughout his entire library of music. The track combines ambient synth progressions with steel drum-like sounds, before dropping in a trapped out breakdown containing samples from Super Mario. It's a switch-up from his usual studio creations, yet doesn't fall short of fans' expectations. What's more is the track is available for free download via SteLouse's Bandcamp. Grab the track now.