What did you want to be when you grew up?

I honestly don’t think I had a plan – at all. I came into College and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do so I picked the ‘slacker major’. It’s called ‘Interdisciplinary Studies’ and you kind of like do a little bit of everything without a concentration. Then I thought I wanted to work in Finance, so started taking finance classes on the side for my major. I did an internship with Raymond Jameson I was working as a Financial Planner and at that time I had just started to DJ. I would screw around at the bar’s at UCF and stuff and I don’t know, I just kind of flipped said ‘I want to be a DJ’.

Any College stories from UCF you want to share with us? 

So many… I mean honestly, everyone thinks it’s typical to be part of our fraternity and stuff and I met some of my best friends, who are going to be friends for life in that place. It was a good time. And I also met my lovely fiancé in College.

Henry Fong getting married

What was the first job you ever had?

I was a valet driver. I Valeted cars for a couple of years.

People in the music industry that you look to as a role model?

I just really really respect the guys that have changed the scene and have created their own unique sound. Like Skrillex, he’s a huge inspiration and he’s one of those guys that has literally changed dance music as we know it. He stuck with his sound – did something completely out of the box different and it’s really revolutionized dance music.  Aslo, Tommy Trash. I’ve always been a huge fan of Tommy Trash’s productions. He has such unique, cool style and he comes from an Electro background too. A lot of the records that have had an impact on on his music. Also when I first started listening to Dance Music, his were the first ones I started listening to.

Tommy Trash live

A great quote that you like to live by? 

I heard a good one the other day – ‘A wise man learns more from his enemies than a fool does from his friends’. I think that, if you can translate that – there’s Dance Music I feel like there’s a lot of beef going on between artists and honestly it’s a lot of indirect competition going on. Sometimes it gets really cut throat but you know the guys you may see as your enemy – if you just take a step back and look at how they do things I feel like there’s a lot to learn from these relationships that you may see as competitive.

Also…  ‘Happy wife, happy life’ [laughs].

Something that you can’t travel without?

Of course my computer, otherwise my neck pillow that buckles your neck in and you stick it. It’s like a strait jacket- but you can literally lean on it and I could sleep anywhere. It’s a special pillow.


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