Henry Fong

Zomboy – “Terror Squad” (Henry Fong Bootleg)
Henry Fong has quickly become one of the hottest names in electro. His hard-hitting tracks have become a staple of some of EDM's biggest names, and anthems at the world's biggest festivals… and he's not slowing down one bit. Shortly after gracing the world with a free download …
Henry Fong: A Few of My Favorite Things
One of your favorite bars? Not clubs.
Honestly, I don’t even have time to drink - it’s just the clubs I’m in. One time I’m DJ-ing and have a couple of drinks and when I get home I don’t even go out. Let me think about thi…
Getting to Know Henry Fong
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I honestly don’t think I had a plan – at all. I came into College and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do so I picked the ‘slacker major’. It’s called ‘Interdisciplinary St…
Henry Fong: First Things First
First venue you performed at?
First venue…I played at this Irish College Bar and it’s called Devenney's in Orlando right by UCF College and I literally played Hip Hop and ‘90’s and kind of like open formats and stuff.
Your first favorite artist growing…
Throwback Thursday with Henry Fong
Happy Throwback Thursday! This week, we're celebrating with 2014 elektro Freshman Henry Fong!
Henry's sick dreads have become almost as famous as his electro-house sounds. But want to see what the rising superstar looked before he grew them...
Exclusive Henry Fong Mini-Mix
Henry Fong has delivered an exclusive mini-mix as part of our 2014 Freshmen Class.
This mix is over a half hour of the energetic, clubby electro-house sounds that have made him a staple of the world's biggest EDM festivals. On the mix you will hear tracks like his brand new banger, "Tak…

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