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Louisahhh!!!: Early Influences
Louisahhh!!! gives us an inside look at the music that first inspired her. Listen to her earliest influences in the slide show below.
In case you missed it, check out our exclusive interview with Louisahhh!!! here!
Exclusive Louisahhh...
Louisahhh!!!: True Bromance
Anyone that follows the Bromance Records artists knows that they're a tight-knit crew. From showcases and tours to their releases, they do it as a family. Together, they've risen to the top of the Techno world, becoming the hottest bookings for clubs, and infiltrating the EDM festival real…
Exclusive interview with Louisahhh!!!
We sit down with elektro Freshman & techno queen of Bromance Records, Louisahhh!!!, as she discusses dance culture history, how she feels about festivals, and "BANGERS."
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Henry Fong: A Few of My Favorite Things
One of your favorite bars? Not clubs.
Honestly, I don’t even have time to drink - it’s just the clubs I’m in. One time I’m DJ-ing and have a couple of drinks and when I get home I don’t even go out. Let me think about thi…
Getting to Know Henry Fong
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I honestly don’t think I had a plan – at all. I came into College and I really didn’t know what I wanted to do so I picked the ‘slacker major’. It’s called ‘Interdisciplinary St…
Throwback Thursday with Henry Fong
Happy Throwback Thursday! This week, we're celebrating with 2014 elektro Freshman Henry Fong!
Henry's sick dreads have become almost as famous as his electro-house sounds. But want to see what the rising superstar looked before he grew them...
Exclusive Henry Fong Mini-Mix
Henry Fong has delivered an exclusive mini-mix as part of our 2014 Freshmen Class.
This mix is over a half hour of the energetic, clubby electro-house sounds that have made him a staple of the world's biggest EDM festivals. On the mix you will hear tracks like his brand new banger, "Tak…
Project 46: First Things First
First Venue You Performed At?
Project 46: In Ontario, the basement of Tabu Nightclub – we played for gas and a bottle of vodka. We might have even had to buy the bottle honestly. We had this big emulator – they actually booked us solely for the emulator
Exclusive interview with Project 46
Project 46 takes us behind how Thomas and Ryan got linked up, the details of their relationship, as well as their production style. Oh, and of course how they feel about hot sauce too.
Check out the interview above!

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