First venue you performed at?

First venue…I played at this Irish College Bar and it’s called Devenney's in Orlando right by UCF College and I literally played Hip Hop and ‘90’s and kind of like open formats and stuff.

Your first favorite artist growing up as a kid - that you can remember?

I was a 90’s kid so like Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth – all that stuff. I like Red Hot Chili Peppers too but I would say the biggest artist that I grew up listening to who still has an impact on me and still inspires me for my music is The Prodigy. That’s huge for me.

The first album or record you ever purchased?

I mean I’ve purchased all those 90’s records stuff before but the one I just always remember having was The Prodigy I remember…with the crab on it. I always had that one [laughs].

First car that you ever drove?

I had an Acura RXS Type S and I raced it out. I used to drag race it at the track. I like had a turbo kit and all that stuff and I thought I was Fast and Furious – I thought I was a street racer so if anybody’s listening ‘Don’t Do That’ - It’s dangerous.

Acura RXS Type S

First instrument or DJ equipment or production equipment that you owned?

Saxophone. I had piano, we had a Grand Piano in the house but I played a little bit because I was not into it. Growing up as a kid I just wanted to go outside and play sports. But I would say Saxophone – I played the Saxophone for about three/four years. When I moved out of my old house, I found a Saxophone last year and I tried to play it, it was like [makes distorted, off tune sounds]. Totally forgot how to! I don’t even know where it is.

The first record you released?

I released this track called ‘Ohm’ on Manufactured Superstars Label – Manufactured Music. That came out about two years ago. Ohm like electrical. O-H-M.

The first major recording artist or label that reached out and said, ‘Yo Henry! You’re dope!’?

The first one that was really really like pumped about was Hysteria. That’s how I got tied into the Hysteria family, like the Bingo Player’s. They were the first ones to really give the record a chance. I had this record ‘Jump’, they put out a while ago with my buddies Mike and Pablo. I sent it out to probably fifty labels - not one of them wrote me back. Finally we found a way to get it over to them and they really liked it and they put it out – that was the first big record for me.

The first time hearing one of your records - whether on the radio or in another DJ’s set?

I did this Flux Pavilion remix, it was the song "Day Dreamer." I was just screwing around and I just made this quick bootleg remixer and I just put it out and I remember Chuckie played it on PBC or something and I was fucking stoked!. It was a long time ago probably two years ago. So that was the first time a DJ played one of my tracks.

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