One of your favorite bars? Not clubs.

Honestly, I don’t even have time to drink - it’s just the clubs I’m in. One time I’m DJ-ing and have a couple of drinks and when I get home I don’t even go out. Let me think about this.

Back in College?

Yeah, I would say back in College there was this bar called The Knight Library where I did my first DJ Residency at. It’s been rated the number one College bar a couple of times in the country. It’s the best bar, like all my friends worked there and stuff and every time you go there it kind of felt that ‘right, this is my bar’. So I’d say The Knight Library in Orlando.

The Knight Library in Orlando, FL.

Favorite restaurant?

I like Tender Greens. I don’t know if you know what Tender Greens is, but it’s this quick fast place but you go in and you have the best gourmet food. It’s kind of like Tripoli style where you go in line, you order and you go down the line and you pick your stuff. It’s really a good place.

Your favorite sport team?

Honestly, I don’t watch sports so I cannot accurately answer that question.

Favorite athlete or maybe a surfer?

I mean Kelly Slater’s the man. A lot of sports is hard to compete in - compared to surfing its judged. There’s no quantitative value of a score because it has to be judged from somebody but all in all I think Kelly Slater’s one of the best athlete’s on the planet. He’s in the best at what he does at a sport. Nobody has dominated a sport like he has surfing in any other sport. So I would have to say Kelly Slater – favorite athlete.

Your favorite clothing brand?

I just keep it simple – just Levi’s and American Apparel shirt. That’ about it.

A non-touristy hangout spot?

My favorite beach to go to, it’s called Silver Strand Beach. It’s in Ventura, California. One of my favorite places to surf in California. Just very, very chill vibe – very local vibe. There’s no tourists , it’s not too touristy at all – so I would have to say there.

A favorite show you went to growing up?

Honestly? Me and my friends in College used to go to Steve Aoki shows and go nuts.

Steve Aoki crowd.

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