Not too long ago dubstep was everywhere, and artists like Doctor P were busy making tracks that were destroying dancefloors across the globe. It’s nearly 2014, and Doctor P hasn’t slowed down a bit, finishing the year strong by dropping a free-to-download song (via titled “Shishkabob." The English producer stays true to his style, creating his brand of dubstep full of heavy bass, midtempo beats, and 8-bit video game sounds to make this a truly filthy track. Props have to also be given for the snares, as Doctor P uses a healthy amount of reverb to make them sound huge when they hit. While dubstep may not be as prevalent in the scene as it was a few years ago, Doctor P proves that it does have staying power, and tracks like “Shishkabob” will still get a crowd raging when it’s played.

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