Porter Robinson promised us that his new album “Worlds” (Astralwerks) would be a stark departure from his debut EP, but until dropping the first single, “Sea Of Voices," no one had any idea just how serious that claim was. Gone are the electro house staples of his previous songs, instead relying on ambient soundscapes and slow tempo grooves to produce a piece of music that evokes emotions other than raging and partying. “Sea Of Voices” is a huge gamble: it could alienate the very audience that has brought him to stardom, and it may not be accepted by those who enjoy more indie-style electronic music (although the initial comments on his Soundcloud page seem to be overwhelmingly positive so far). At the very least, Porter Robinson is establishing himself as a true artist, one who is not afraid of taking chances and following the path less followed; and at most, he has crafted his “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”, and others will begin to follow his lead.

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