After the sampling controversy surrounding Zomboy's "Terror Squad" and "All is Fair In Love and Brostep" off of Skrillex's new album, "Recess," fans were relieved to find out the two producers had no beef between them over the matter. Though Zomboy had received a bit of negative attention for this, it seems he is headed back into the good graces of the EDM world now that he's dropped a massive collab with MUST DIE! to give us a taste of his upcoming album, "The Outbreak." "Survivors" has an intro and buildup that belong in a zombie apocalypse thriller movie, filled with unsettling ambient dissonance and sirens. The drop has some serious sawtooth grit to it and is unmistakably Zomboy's new signature sound. It's evident from the preview of another new song, "WTF?!" that "The Outbreak" will go beyond dubstep to explore other styles of EDM, even big room.

Take a look at the cities Zomboy will be hitting on his Outbreak Tour.

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