It's March 6 currently, and the Holy Ship!!! F.O.M.O. lives on. HARD just released Destructo's Sermon Set, which has become a tradition on the floating festival. Recorded from 5AM to 8AM, it's a reminder that on Holy Ship!!!, the party never stops. On the morning of February 20, the shippers watched the sun rise with to the sounds of Destructo. What could be better?

Glenjamn, whose exclusive videos are one of the main reasons this year's Holy Ship!!! F.O.M.O. is so strong, captured some of the sermon set for the world to see. You can watch the video, complete with backstage footage and a look at the beautiful sunrise below.

If all of this Holy Ship!!! footage is too much to handle, we understand what you're going through. We recommend you start planning for next year's voyage. HARD has announced that the ship will have two sailings again in 2016, embarking on January 3-6 and February 10-13. Head to the official Holy Ship!!! pre-book page to start planning your 2016

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