The Holy Ship!!! F.O.M.O. just can't be stopped! It just continues to spread like a wildfire, leaving most of the dance music community salty... real salty. But really, how could you blame them? Every time Holy Ship!!! has returned from one of its epic sailings, those who were not lucky to experience the four-day getaway knew that they were in for the excruciating flurry of videos documenting the one-of-a-kind event. In 2015, two sailings means more F.O.M.O..

Now, our friends at NEST HQ have released their annual recap of Holy Ship!!!. Just as they always do, they've given us and up close and personal look at your favorite artists as they perform for the shippers and get into their usual ship shenanigans. It's always great to get an inside look at these artists and see that they're not so different from us — just a bunch of friends who like to have a good time. Check out the video above!

HARD has announced that the ship will have two sailings again in 2016, embarking on January 3-6 and February 10-13. Head to the official Holy Ship!!! pre-book page to start planning your 2016 getaway.

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