It's not very often that a publication is invited into the home of Joel Zimmerman (aka Deadmau5). However, The Verge were given that honor, and sat down with him to talk about some of his favorite expensive toys; drones.

Joel showcased his variety of drone models, and The Verge crew even got the chance to try them out. They test out each drone model, put them up against the speed of his ATV and his Lamborghini McLaren 650S (just a couple more of his favorite toys). Deadmau5 even shows off his shooting skills by taking target practice on one of the drones, stating it's how he deals when other drones wander onto his property.

The video also shows his impressive new analog studio setup. Deadmau5 revealed during his Reddit Ask Me Anything session on January 22 that he is currently utilizing in the creation of the follow-up to his 2013 7 EP (a release comprised solely of piano progressions). The new release is themed around the seven deadly sins, he said. The new material may comprise solely modular synths, which he noted, “is a nice contrast to the piano only ‘sins’.” To hear some of these new synths in action, check out the videos on his Instagram.

Aside from this very entertaining video resulting from the interview and drone testing session, Deadmau5 also produced an exclusive track for the piece. In typical Deadmau5 fashion, he's supplied a track for the piece that showcases his unmatched production abilities and unique electronic sound. You can listen to "Glish" below.

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