Deadmau5 has developed for himself quite a notoriety. Between twitter rants, cutting interviews and unique tour mentality, the outspoken Mau5 (A.K.A. Joel Zimmerman) is known for staying true to his craft, and his opinion. Regardless, a few weeks ago Zimmerman released what is already being considered one of the best tracks of 2012, 'The Veldt.' Chilling vocals provided by a twitter fan and an almost eerily happy hook provided by Deadmau5 himself makes this song an instant classic.

In his first visual release since the 2009 smash hit "Ghosts N Stuff," Deadmau5 released a fitting video to accompany this new flagship track. Given Zimmerman's association with the gaming community, its hard consider the resemblance to Limbo, Xbox Live Arcade game famous for two-dimensional visuals and creepy musical accompaniment. The music video for "The Veldt," inspired by Ray Bradbury, the classic american science-fiction and horror novel writer, tells a horrific tale of children trapped in an alternate world encountering various beasts in a highly graphic setting. Watch the video above to find out what happens...

This past week's release of "The Veldt EP" not only contained two incredible remixes of the track (done by Tommy Trash and London-based Freeform Five), but also a bonus collaboration done with Cypress Hill called "Failbait." Make sure to pick up a copy of the EP, available now on iTunes.

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