What do you get when you put two nerdy DMC champions in a room together? You get “$CRATCH NERD$” by DJ Craze and Klever. $CRATCH NERD$ pt.1 was released back in 2002 and showcased the duo’s scratching masterpieces.

Lately, there has been a lot of controversy within the DJ community, and the demand for a DJ that does more than “push buttons” is high. These Allie Crew members, Craze & Klever, not only show off their scratching skills that have awarded them several championship titles, but they also bring back the original art of deejaying.

Craze announced the making of $CRATCH NERD$ pt.2 on Facebook back in March: “Me & Klever decided to make $CRATCH NERD$ pt. 2 to celebrate 15 anniversary of The Allies...This is a lil clip of the madness we bout to drop on yall shortly...” With that, he posted their scratch edit of DJ Snake’s “Bird Machine”.

This track incorporates DJ Snake’s 808 fuelled bass and bird calls with the $CRATCH NERD$’ cuts. Craze & Klever have been previewing this song as well as other samples off of volume 2 live on Ustream!
The release date has yet to be announced, but Craze and Klever have a message for everyone: “Working hard on this project .... Y'all gonna love it...Or I kill you mon.”

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