Tickets can be purchased on the website; Bounce Ballroom will be held on May 1 at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

The Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York is about to takeover the month of May with jam-packed events ranging from four-styles of music to free street parties. RBMA is known to put on events throughout the city that both showcase the enormous talent of each participant as well as pay tribute to the impact New York has had on music history.

Starting off the month right is Bounce Ballroom, a four dance style, crew and DJ event that will pay tribute to hyper-local traditions that have made a global impact. Guests can expect a little history lesson on several genres of music and styles of dance including bruk up/flexing, voguing, house dance, and jersey club. Taking to the turntables are some of the most influential DJs in their respective club sounds such as Bobby Konders, DJ Mike Q, Todd Terry, DJ Sliink and Mike Gip. They'll be providing the soundtrack for each corresponding dance crew, leaving each dancer in for a treat. With that being said, each GUEST is also in for some goodies with the styles of dancing they'll be able to see in this open Williamsburg space, all of which dancers Drew Dollaz, Leiomy Prodigy and Eriko explained during a chat with none other than ELEKTRO!

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