Kaskade has revealed his latest project: The Spark Run. Although Kaskade has been busy with Redux, Ultra, tours and his latest vinyl release, he has devoted even more of his time into something positive. The Spark Run will be a 5K night run/walk complete with a party at the finish line. Kaskade has promised that costumes, glow sticks and LEDs are permitted and ENCOURAGED. Being that Kaskade has a love for running, he will also be running the 5K himself before performing.

As stated on his tumblr, "Get down with the community of people who just shared the same experience. And if you're a runner? Get in there! Running at night, on a course like we're creating is incredibly satisfying." All proceeds from a series of Spark Runs across the US will be going directly to charity.

The Spark Run tour dates:

May 9, 2014 – Denver
June 7, 2014 – Los Angeles
Date TBC – Washington DC
Date TBC – Chicago
Date TBC – Charlotte

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