Brooklyn's bass champ, AC Slater, has taken the focus away from the big festivals and taken it back to the clubs. Having the feel of your typical underground Brooklyn club (similar to the feels of Bossa Nova Civic Club in Bushwick, New York), AC Slater takes his audience on a journey through their emotions; telling NEST HQ, "It doesn’t have to be on 10 all the time. It’s okay to zone out and get lost in the music."

Feauturing dark and heavy bass synths, bouncy hops, haunting vocals, and his "ode to UK bassline", "Back to the Floor EP" is fun for all of those freaks, who only come out at night. Kicking off this brand new, free release imprint was the best thing AC Slater could have done for the club scene right now.

Grab your download and read the full interview with NEST HQ here.

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