Peking Duk not only tastes good, but it sounds even better.” The Australian electronic duo Peking Duk, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles, are more than a good set of hair and awesome sounds, which the duo effortlessly display in their track “High”. Nicole Millar lent her vocals to these duks, raising the bar even higher. The hypnotic track latched onto more than just us, here at Elektro. CRNKN, Funkin Matt, Jealous Much?, and Terace couldn't wait to get their hands on the original.

CRNKN, New Hampshire-native producer, lends the original a slowed down, bouncy drop and piano melodies that'll send jolts up your body. He takes his signature trap sound and chills it down a bit, producing a majestic work of art.

Norway's own Funkin Matt takes a different route, when remixing "High", giving it a progressive house feel. The chopped-up vocals compliment the big-room bass, making this remix a perfect dance floor track. Just when we thought the original couldn't get any more hypnotic...this came.

Are you feeling Jealous Much? It's only fair that a fellow Australian gets to grab their hands on "High". While CRNKN gave us his chill-trap version, Jealous Much keeps it OG and turns up the bass. While focusing mainly on the beat, Jealous Much chops up the vocals, leaving only a few bars in the beginning of the song.

Let's take it to the house with Terace, who lays down a smidge of that Disclosure sound that gives us all the feels. Taking Millar's vocals and combining it with that bassy-house rework, Terace (also a fellow Australian) uses his resources to thee MAX, speeding up the calmer, 100 BPM original.

Buy the "High" remix EP here!

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