One of California’s greatest electronic gifts, Bassnectar, had us digging into our crates (quite literally) all last weekend thanks to the release of one of his vintage mixtapes, "Dreamtempo." Made back in 1998, the upload is the original one-take mix, “mistakes” and musical integrity included. The entire mix is an unbelievable and overwhelming blast to the past that goes beyond 90’s surface referencing and gimmicks. Instead, we are given a rare and genuine look inside a frozen moment of time and the spirit behind the music that served not as the background, but instead at the foreground to innovation and experience. Though no track listing is provided, our ears are gifted with gems from pioneers like Thievery Corporation, Boards of Canada, Digitalis, and Govinda. Lorin himself warns against any “big drop” expectations listeners may have, and to say it is refreshing is a blasphemous understatement. The mixtape gets at the heart of what today seems forgotten when speaking of deejaying; the masterful art of mixing. The tape reminds us that you don’t need a “killer” or “massive drop” to mix. Instead, what is an important essential is the search for diverse and moving sounds to unite in the name of stunning and unifying musical experiences. Join Bassnectar along for a ride back to the late 90’s above and make sure to grab a free download for yourself here!