A producer’s catalogue of releases is like their footprint left engrained in the music industry. In a similar way to tracing back your heritage, when we take a look at an artist's collection of music, we can analyze the progression of their style over the years. There is a saying that goes, "we will never know where we’re going until we can understand where we’ve been." With regards to dance music, by reflecting on the past we then can gain a better understanding of what this culture is all about. One artist who’s collection of releases speak for itself is that of the veteran frequency manipulator, Bassnectar.

For Bassnectar, also known as Lorin Ashton, his style of music has been consistent over the years but also progressive in that he always seems to outdo himself. Fans have come to expect nothing short of top quality productions and Lorin seems to love rewarding his loyal following. As his catalogue continues to grow, so do the number of loyal Bassheads who share his vision.

Lorin has always shared his unique perspective with his fans, and we feel that his music is made with a purpose. He’s not just pumping out tracks every so often just because he can. There seems to be a distinct focus on bringing people together with a common goal of forming a conscious community. Over the years he has helped manifest a powerful a movement that has defined a generation of electronic music consumers who are actively involved with the advancement of the culture. In order to showcase the power behind his music we have compiled our top 10 Bassnectar songs that showcase the progression and outlook of his sound. Now we seem to be close to a pivotal point in dance music culture and we take this time to reflect on how we got here. Prepare to feel some nostalgia.

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    For many Bassheads, ‘Blow’ is the tune that introduced them to the music of Bassnectar. Released in 2005 it has all the makings of a Bassnectar classic. A truly unique arrangement, Lorin got together with beatboxing artist Kyrian and DJ Neil Armstrong to put together one of the most forward thinking productions at the time.

  • 'Timestretch' (West Coast Lo-Fi remix)

    At the heart of Bassnectar's breakout period around 2009-2010 he released a little EP titled Timestretch. Included in the release was a special 'West Coast Lo-Fi Remix' of the title track. The distinct gator effect that would become a staple in his live performances is prominent and fans have been attracted to it ever since. Truly, a timeless Bassnectar release.

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    'Magical World'

    Arguably, thee very track that launched Bassnectar's career into the spotlight during the summer of 2010. A standout track during his festival performances, the anthemic nature of the production resonated with fans all around the country. Catchy vocals and Lorin's unique flavor of bass music have made this a defining track for the Bassnectar sound.

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    Michael Franti - 'Skin On The Drum' (Bassnectar Remix)

    Originally included on the very first mixtape from Amorphous Music back in 2001, this remix helped introduce the world to Lorin Ashton's electronic experimentation. Notice the spacey atmospherics, distinct break-beat style and foundation of rhythm which are all qualities that are at the heart of his music we hear today.

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    ill.Gates feat. Captain Hook - 'Open Your Eyes' (Bassnectar Remix)

    Showcasing a heavier bass style, Basssnectar takes the original prodcution by his close friend ill.Gates and injects it with some of his own flavor. When this track is played in a 'Nectar set the whole crowd explodes in a frenzy of expression. For those who have experienced the 2nd drop at a live performance... you know.

  • The Pixies - 'Where Is My Mind' (Bassnectar Remix)

    As one of the more prominent genre defying artists in the industry Bassnectar has a nag for transforming music to his liking. This remix continued the progression of Bassnectar's sound and would become a fan favorite at his live performances.

  • 'Bass Head'

    It really wouldn't be the top 10 Bassnectar songs without the iconic "Bass Head." Also released in 2010 on the Timestretch EP, this track may very well be the defining track of his career. I'm not positive if his fans became known as "Bassheads" before or after this release but it is undoubtedly a classic and needs to be included in any nectar top 10. The sounds he uses are so playful and yet so refined, only Lorin could produce such a track.

  • 'Take You Down'

    Of course high energy has always had a place in the music of Bassnectar but this one was delightfully unexpected upon it's release in 2013 as the bonus track on Timestretch Remastered. We're playing it safe by including a lot from the Timestrecth series but hey, it was brilliant at the time and still holds up strong by today's standards.

  • 'Breathless'

    The way in which Lorin manipulates sounds is truly masterful. 'Breathless' is one of his more uplifting tracks due to the arrangement of sounds that seem to always be building up as the track progresses. This explosive track has captivated fans for the past few years and shows just how strong the Bassnectar sound can be.

  • 'You & Me' feat W. Darling

    This is quite possibly the most anthemic track to ever grace the Bassnectar catalogue. It's a powerful production filled with so much emotion that it's hard to describe the feeling you get when you hear it during his live performance. Often the final track of his show, it is fitting that we round out the top 10 Bassnectar tracks with this gem.