After an incredible run opening for Avicii for his sold-out opening night show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles, walking in the Alterier Dudik show during New York Fashion Week and then supporting her new line for The Rodnik Band during London Fashion Week, Audrey Napoleon is ready for her next move. Today, the Los Angeles-based producer celebrates the release of a new single, “Poison”, for SQE Music. "Poison" (which appeared on her debut EP, "Ornamental Egos") is a pop/electro-house track with brilliant mixing of vocal cuts and effects. Its crystal clear production supplies dancey house and electro-house breakdowns, making it fit for the sound systems of dance clubs and festivals alike. With the "Poison" package are remixes of the track by Jupiter Ace, Taiki & Nulight and Designer Drugs. Audrey Napoleon's single "Poison" is available now via SQE Music. You can also check out the eerie official music video for "Poison" above.

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