Electro house has a new player making waves in its realm courtesy of Visionare’s release of his “Arimino” EP. The three-track package is available to stream on the producer’s YouTube channel, and features a constant flow of electro heavy drops and bass. The EP’s first track, “Arimino," begins with a dramatic violin and piano chords that make it clear some big stuff is about to happen – a cue the drop. The roughly four-minute track spirals into a head-banging raver’s dreams with its powerful drums and high speed bassline. The track continues to switch somewhat fragmentally, switching from classical instrumentation to electronic beats. Following is “Taurine," a more consistent serving of high energy beats with a mystifying breakdown halfway through at the two minute mark. Lastly, Visionare gives us “Nexon," a relentless three minutes and forty-five seconds farewell that’ll have you begging for more. Check out Visionare’s full “Arimino” EP for yourself and download it on his Facebook page here!