What went down inside the walls of Pacha New York was one for the books. You’ll either hear all about it from those lucky enough to have attended, or never know it ever happened. The latter would be due to the fact that even those who did go see Victor Calderone Saturday may simply still be too flabbergasted to properly explain the night to you. The Brooklyn master came out with deadly intentions, ready to take names and destroy the dance floor. What was so magical about Calderone’s set was pretty much the absurd amount of time he was up on the deck for. From midnight to well past 8 am, the house legend through down a set that was a true and proper journey into worlds unknown. The crowd shook parts of their hip they didn’t even know they had, the lights were cut at just the right times to transport you into a world of riveting unknowns, and all the ears in the club simply took it all in, trying their hardest not to burst at the seams from euphoric dose of sexy bass coming their way. Victor Calderone’s lengthy time on the decks allowed him to create a set that was more like a story. It had twist, turns, and surprises that, though always unexpected, were never abrupt. The whole night was all one seamless performance, sending the crowd and their bodies from one dance move to the next with the most natural ease. The perfect execution of his set allowed Calderone to send out sheer energy and sexiness with his music, driving everyone at Pacha into a divine frenzy of 128 beats per minute. After an initial sense of normality, the scene got wild as bodies got to shaking, meeting, and then some! Regardless of the late end time, the club was still as packed as it was at the beginning of the crowd a clear indication that no matter the circumstance, you can always have a little more of Victor Calderone’s supreme beats.

Written by: Brian Merlano