Manic Focus, the Minnesota native closely affiliated with midwest "funkateer" GRiZ, is taking over Concord Music Hall this Friday. While we seem to have our attention focused on Miami, the Windy City has a young burgeoning star thats about to heat things up.

Manic hooked us up with some free tickets to giveaway so check our facebook page for the contest!

If you are in ChiTown this weekend make sure you head over to concord music hall and get the funk down with Manic Focus, Wick-It The Instagator, & Muzzy.

You’re album release is March 21st at concord music hall in Chicago, excited it’s finally here?
I'm very excited for my first big headlining show in Chicago. My team and I have been working very hard over the last several years to make this happen, and I can't wait to drop all my new material on Friday at the Concord!

How/When did you decide to make the move from MN to Chi Town?
I moved to Chicago back in September 2011. I love the Twin Cities, but the electronic music scene is a lot stronger in Chicago. My brother Joe was already living in Chicago, and he had convinced me that moving to Chicago would be more beneficial for my career. He was totally right, and I'm very grateful for all the love I've been getting in Chicago. Its a truly amazing city.

How’d you link up with GRiZ, will there be any MF x GRiZ collabs coming soon!?!?
We linked up through the internet haha. I heard his music back in 2011 and became a huge fan. He heard my music right around the same time on and became a fan of me. We did a couple shows together, then he put me on his first headlining spring tour and we've been good friends ever since. We definitely have some magic in the works :)

This June will be your second year playing Spring Awakening… Safe to say bigger and better things on the horizon for Manic Focus?
I'm very excited to be playing the main stage this year. Its gonna be wild!

On a less serious note, lets get to know Manic Focus…
Favorite place on earth?
Favorite snack? Honey Roasted Peanuts or Movie Popcorn
Celebrity crush? Jennifer Lawrence
What DJ do you want to hug? Lindsay Lohan
Crunchy or Smooth Peanut Butter? Crunchy all day