Deep house meets indie-chic meets Motown in this compilation of tracks by Manchester producer and DJ, Dave Lee. Known to fans and music lovers by his alias, Sixth Avenue, Lee’s use of soul track sampling and sound snippets from classic Motown records blend together to create an undeniably groovy laid-back brand of house that couldn’t be smoother. The EP’s opening track, “Can’t Stop,” is a bouncy and breezy dive into bass, while “Catch Me” slows things down into a very Moby-esque soundscape of echoes and rippling melodies. “Chute” springs off the ambience laid by its predecessor and launches us into a ritzy piano-infused jig, before giving way to “Ain’t No Use,” a sexy, tribal beat-kicking ride. “Goodbye” jumps back to the same atmospheric eddies and whirls of “Catch Me,” before Sixth Avenue wraps things up with “Nevada Desert,” a funky and nostalgic tune that’s full of longing and haunting musicality. Overall the EP is a delightfully refreshing study of beats, rhythms, and old-school funk, and each individual track provides a perfect dose of soul. Keep an ear out for this unique and rising star—we’re bound to be hearing more of him soon.