Over the weekend, a now internet-famous man from London was publicly body shamed online by some bullies who made fun of his dancing at a club. They posted the above pictures with the caption "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing." The post resulted in an online movement supporting the man, as well as the creation of a crowd-funder to throw the man a dance party. The campaign started by Twitter user Cassandra Fairbanks on GoFundMe.com set the goal at $20,000, but has raised over $36,000 in the short time since its creation. The leftover funds from the event are going to be donated to an anti-bullying campaign.

Now, some celebrities have joined the cause. Pharrell Williams has stepped in to show his support by asking Cassandra to keep him posted about the event and tweeting to the Dancing Man's own Twitter account (@DancingManFound), "never be ashamed of yourself." Ellie Goulding also tweeted "I want to dance with and play at the party."

As if the party didn't already have enough a-list entertainment, Moby has offered his DJ services to the party for free. He also showed his support on Twitter, stating "no one should ever be ashamed about dancing."

Now that the Los Angeles Coliseum has offered up their venue for free as well, the party is coming together nicely, and its looking like its going to be a great one at that. Dancing Man has also shown his appreciation for his supporters' good will on Twitter. Check out his and Moby's tweets below.

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