Shlohmo is starting to become the go-to guy for pop stars looking for an edge musically, having worked with Banks recently on her song “Brain”, as well as Jeremih on last year’s “Bo Peep (Do U Right)”. That supposed one-off with Jeremih has now blossomed into a full-on partnership, as the Chicago r&b star has teamed up with the prolific beatmaker for an EP titled “No More," with it’s title track being the first song released to the public.

“Brain” starts off with various electronic beeps and subtle reverb-heavy kicks before Banks’ sultry vocals come in, weaving a story about a boy trying too hard to impress her. The song then starts to crescendo with a beautiful vocal chant layering the background with some atmosphere before the chorus comes in full throttle to drive home the point that this guy isn’t worth her time. Shlohmo’s production shines on this track, creating the perfect mood for this stirring ballad to compliment Banks’ powerful lyrics. Banks is considered by many to be an artist to watch in 2014, and with songs like “Brain” she shows that is deserving of all those accolades, and is poised to have a truly standout career.

With it’s stuttering synth-line providing the backdrop for the trap-influenced beat, and vocals that are super-smooth and oozing sex, “No More” is perfect for both the club and the bedroom. Halfway through the track, the music is put through a low pass filter, the vocal pitch is turned down, and a minimal music box melody kicks in, creating a haunting yet still sensual atmosphere to the song.


Many of Shlohmo’s fans have been crying foul lately over his perceived “sell-out” move toward pop music, and a full EP with Jeremih will do nothing to quash those feelings. However, you can't argue with the results of both collaboration, “No More” marks a great union of two artists at the top of their game. Watch for Shlohmo to continue this trend, bridging the gap between mainstream music and the underground scene.

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