Shlohmo is set to release his album Dark Red on April 7th, 2015 via True Panther/WeDidIt. One of the tracks that fans have already had the pleasure of hearing is "Burial," which supplies the kind of dark, unique sound that the electronic music world has come to know from him.

Now, Shlohmo has released the music video for "Burial," and it is absolutely horrifying. The bloody, strange video depicts a distressed woman wandering a city, beating someone to death and then giving birth to a really shiny baby. It's all most likely a cryptic metaphor for something, but we'll leave that up to you. Watch the video above, if you dare.

Emotive and striking, Dark Red presents listeners with a cohesive album where each tune expresses a different part of Shlohmo’s vision, from the melodic to the obscure. His music is straight up deep, both in nature and substance. “It sounds like if Electric Wizard tried to make an R&B record,” he says, “or Boards of Canada meets Burzum by the River Styx.” Ever evolving his sound, Henry Laufern (aka Shlohmo) has come a long way since the enigmatic tones found in his debut Shlo-Fi EP (released back in 2009) and has continued on the path of originality ever since. Now with Dark Red, he opens up the next chapter of the Shlohmo narrative and sheds light on his innovative artistic expression.

You can pre-order the Dark Red LP now via iTunes and Amazon. Stay tuned for more new music from the album to come soon.

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