Last week, the multifaceted young births lad, Shift K3Y, swung through NYC with DJ Mustard for a highly anticipated show at Webster Hall. The 21 year old producer responsible for the hit song 'Touch' couldn't have been more down to earth as we went shopping for shoes in SoHo. However, the artist wants one thing to be clear, he is far more than 'just a DJ.'

You once said you wanted to "wake the crowd up, show them you are more than just a DJ." What would you describe as your sound & vision with Shift K3Y?

I see my sound as being very R&B & Electronic & Somewhat danceable to an extent.

You're only 21 but far from a newbie, can you elaborate on your musical upbringing?

My dad is a musician and is in a band, so from an early age it was made clear to me that you can make a living and be successful making music and doing what you love. As long as you work hard enough and know the right people, etc... So I started pursuing that as soon as possible.

What was your dad's go to instrument?

He played Guitar & Piano... so that kind of led to me playing Piano at a young age.

Any particular song you used to love playing?

Clair De Lune by Debussy.

So you play piano, play bass, any plans in the future to start incorporating live instrumentation to your sets?

For sure! I'm actually working on a live set with a band and stuff for next year. So hopefully by then I'll have a lot more instrumentation going on.

Used to make hip hop beats and now here you are on tour with DJ Mustard... can you describe or sort of expand on that whole chain events?

Yeah, so, I don't really even know how this all happened.  I've always enjoyed with working with rappers and that kind of vein.  The Mustard thing came about via one of his good friends and co-producers I was working with.  He put me on to Mustard and when he came to London we got in the studio together and made a ton of beats together.  I reckon we probably have 10-15 tracks now... who knows what will happen to them if anything.

Any tips or tricks you've picked up in the studio with Mustard or other producers?

Yeah... I've kind of picked up that different areas of the world have different styles for how people do things. In New York, everyone is like 'One Take Only'.  If you can't nail it in your first take than you ain't got it.  Everyone goes on about "When I get in there... Ya'll aint ready" It's all about the pre-tense in New York.  Whereas in LA, it's the opposite. Everyone wants every line to be perfect. Take after Take after Take.

Most important peace of advice from anyone... Charge people money for your time! DJ Mustard taught me that.

Any other producers you've connected with? Or would like to connect with?

Not on that level no. Mustard is probably the biggest. If I could connect with another producer it'd probably be Mr. Carmack.

Favorite Hot Sauce?

Encona, its good. I don't think it's made in the UK but that's what we have there. We don't have any of the good sauces you guys have.

Encona Hot Sauce




In your Diplo and Friends Mix there is a G-House style song that goes something like... "Teach Me How to Hustle, Make my Money Double..." We scoured the internet and couldn't find it anywhere - can you fill us in?

Ahh yeah haha, that's a track of mine. I was walking home in London one day and started singing that hook. I kept singing it and singing it so I could remember it. Got home, pressed record, lowered the pitch, added a beat, and there was the track. It's not available yet.  

It's either going to come out on my label 'NightShift' or on Mad Decent. We'll see.

Any last words...

Finally, if you had to pick any shoe on this wall... which would you go with?

Uh...  [Manager Grabs Shoe on Wall] These Cat Vans!

Cat Vans


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