U.K. DJ, producer and singer Shift K3Y has been red hot ever since his breakthrough in 2014. Beginning with his hit single, "I Know," his dance-y, infectious house sounds have become known worldwide. He quickly followed the success with the release of "Touch," which would go on to sell over 200K records alone.

Now, he is getting set to release his debut album. This forthcoming LP is going to contain star-studded collaborations with Robin Thicke, DJ Mustard and funk queen Chaka Khan — an experience Shift K3Y recalls as "the most intensely amazing experience of my life.” The lead single from this album, "Name & Number," serves as fans' first taste of the debut LP. It's a firm example of Shift K3Y's style; catchy hooks, infectious melody, futuristic sound and brilliant production. Think New Kids On The Block meets the EDM movement, and we mean that in the best possible way. This single has already begun to dominate the club scene and landed Shift K3Y at the No. 6 spot on the U.K. dance chart. The single has also received remixes from Wax Motif, Chloe Martini, Cause & Affect, Mike Mago, and Kideko, all of which you can stream in the playlist above along with the track's original mix. The Name & Number Remixes are set for release on May 19 via Ultra Music.

Everyone knows the life of a DJ includes non-stop touring and partying. That's why Shift K3Y has let us in on the must-have items he needs for those endless nights. Check out Shift K3Y's After Party Essentials below.

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    "Grey Goose (or equivalent vodka)"

    Get out of here with that cheap stuff... none of that for a baller like Shift K3Y.

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    "Specifically Yellow Red Bull and Ice"

    They make yellow now?! And I agree, the club is no place for coffee.

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    "Lots of weed."

    Because, duh. Though I would expect this to clash with the Yellow Red Bull a bit.

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