Dylan Ragland was in high demand as Party Favor at Chicago’s Lollapalooza this year. His set was a fan favorite despite the lakeside drizzle that ended up soaking the festival throughout the day. Ragland brought along photographer Chris Yoder of Yoder Productions to capture the moments from one of the most iconic festivals in the country. Here are some selects with thoughts on each image from Ragland himself:




I think here I was basically in some weird zone, haha. I was on the way to the stage for my set and the photographer, Chris Yoder, just leaned over and snapped it. I had no idea. Even though I play a lot of more hype music during my sets I'm usually very mellow, calm, and focused before shows.





The crowd had so much energy right from the start. It was amazing. Chicago is one of my favorite crowds to play for and then to mix that with a legendary festival like Lolla was the perfect combination. It was early in the day, sprinkling [rain], so hot, gloomy, humid, and yet these fans jumped to every drop and rocked out to every song I played from start to finish. It was amazing.





I love what I do; it's that plain and simple. I get photographed smiling a lot during sets and that’s because it’s so fun for me to be playing to all these fans and seeing them enjoy what I'm playing. I'm very fortunate to get to do what I do and it just makes me happy, as cheesy as that sounds.





View from my world. This was towards the middle of my set and I remember because I had to pee so bad already and had 30 min left in my set. Haha!





Green apples are one of my favorite things. Way better than red or any other color apples. No argument. You're wrong if you think so.


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