Iconic Iranian-American progressive house DJ and producer returns to the EDM space with a new mixed compilation appropriately titled, Night & Day, on Yoshitoshi Recordings, a follow-up from his 2011 Warung Beach compilation. His new single, “Radio G”, now available on Beatport, is the DJ’s first single off the new release, is an up-tempo, melodic track perfectly composed to match the nocturnal nightlife scene.

“The art of DJing for me has always been about creating a "party" and entertaining while educating the crowd with one goal in mind. People leaving with smiles on their faces… I hope that I've achieved that with this CD,” Sharam says.”

Mark your calendars - the two-disc album drops worldwide on July 16th!

Check out Sharam’s Night & Day promo mix below and his Facebook page for the latest news and updates.