As the fastest growing genre in the past decade that has stimulated an estimated $4.5 billion industry, Electronic Dance Music will inevitably be commercialized on the broadest of scales. To showcase EDM's growing culture in American society, the industry's most influential entertainment companies will be taking the genre to television screens across the country with the creation of "Ultimate DJ". The largest producer of EDM events, SFX Entertainment, is teaming up with Simon Cowell of Syco Entertainment and cell-phone carrier T-Mobile to produce a contest television franchise that cultivates new producers and DJs while showcasing top-of-the-line event production skills. Designed in an "America's Got Talent" format, "Ultimate DJ" will prove to be an exciting competition that fosters new and developing talent within the electronic genre. The production of "Ultimate DJ" is still in the planning stages, with an official premiere date yet to be determined, but once the show begins airing it will surely be a fascinating indication of the genre's burgeoning influence on America's Millennial generation.

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