Miami's nightlife scene is a revolving door. Any given club can be closed, repurchased, and reopened faster than the time it takes Deadmau5 to make a snide remark about it. Amidst this constantly shifting landscape, one club has managed to keep its name and its reputation for over a decade, and the music doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon. Last Saturday, party-goers came together on its three legendary dance floors to celebrate the 14th anniversary of Space Miami.

After posing for a picture in the lobby with Space's famous astronaut mascot, patrons were welcomed by the grunge-glamor decor of the red-lit Basement. Hip hop and trap lovers who stayed could enjoy the sounds of Paul E, EU, Vinni Soul, and Radamas. In the Terrace room, the night began in a wash of blue light. Until half-past midnight, early birds could partake of an open Grey Goose bar while long-time resident Patrick M warmed up the floor in preparation for the evening's headliner, Eric Morillo. In the Loft, techno afficionados flocked onto the dance floor to hear Jesse Perez, Mika Materazzi, Sex Sells, and Chalk, grateful for the room's giant warehouse-style fans. In his first show in six months, Morillo took the decks in the Terrace around 4 am, blowing up the crowd with a set that was signature Space - all groove lines and earthy beats and bass so thick you could feel it in your throat. Part owner and Space legend Louis Puig took over afterward, taking the party past daybreak. Not that that's anything out of the ordinary, though - at Space, partying past dawn is the norm. Known for their Sunday morning barbeques and wild marathon sets, its not unlikely to see revelers leaving the venue in broad daylight after an entire night of dancing.

Whether its the music, the vibe, or a combination of both, something about Space imbibes patrons with the willingness and stamina to literally dance the night away (we spoke to one patron who said he once spent ten straight hours at the club). Some will attribute the club's success to its lucrative 24-hour liquor license (a rarity in the city), but after a couple hours on the dance floor, its clear that the energy from the crowd and the DJs and the memories of over a decade's worth of parties has lent the space something special that can't really be said about any other place in Miami. It may not be the newest, trendiest, or most glamorous of the city's mega-clubs, but it has definitely become a cornerstone of Miami's nightlife history and will hopefully continue to serve as a mecca for music lovers and party-goers for decades to come.

Happy birthday Space, here's to many more.

(Photos/Adam Lalani)

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