"Follow Me," which marked Sebjak's first release on Positiva Records, comes complete with irresistible vocals, massive hooks, delicate keys and emotive chord play, which made it a definitive Summer anthem. Following the release of this massive release, an impressive selection of talent has been collected on the track's diverse remix package, including reworkings by Gregori Klosman, DEVolution, Mike Hawkins, and Jerry Rekonius. Gregori Klosman brings his electro-house stylings to the track, creating a melodic synth-driven build with a bassey rolling drop that is sure to move dancefloors. DEVolution takes a more relaxed approach, with two easy rocking house reworkings; DEVolutions Club Mix and Dub Mix, both which supply their own unique feel. The remix by Mike Hawkins is an uplifting house remix that brings powerful synth to the forefront of the track. Finally, Jerry Rekonius reverts the track back to electro-house, using harmonized synth, strings, and vocals to create a moving build, until dropping in a grinding electro breakdown. The remix package for Sebjak's "Follow Me" will be available on Beatport on December 10th. Check out the remix teasers below.

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