4/20 is a widely recognized holiday in the of Amherst, Massachusetts. The town center is home to “Extravaganja," an outdoor day festival hosted by the UMass Cannabis Reform Coalition, that features music, crafts and food dedicated to our favorite plant but that’s not where the real party was. Once the sun went down Project Drop, an Amherst based electronic dance music company, hosted what was one of the most bass heavy shows to date at the Mullins Center. The stellar lineup included AraabMuzik, Alvin Risk, Conspirator, and Rusko.

The bass from Alvin Risk’s set could be felt outside, his high-energy, hard-hitting style gave the early arrivers the jolt of energy they were going to need for the rest of his night. Closing out his set with his, “Make It Bun Dem” remix, Risk really set the tone for the rest of the night. Conspirator followed with its part jam-band, part EDM style, and this was the perfect act to get the sold-out crowd pumped up. Conspirator dropped new, unreleased tracks that definitely have us excited for their release. Later tweeting that this was their first ever stadium show, the group did an amazing job getting everyone on the floor moving.

Around 10, the lights got a little darker, the cloud of smoke that had been looming over the audience all night got a little bigger and a twenty second countdown appeared on stage. The crowd lost it when the lights flashed back on and dubstep legend, Rusko had taken the stage. His hour and half set was filled with classics like “Hold On,” and unreleased tracks but it was unexpected remix of DMX’s “Up In Here” that puffed a new life into the sold-out crowd. The incredible performance was only made better when the words “Boston Strong” flashed across the screens. The phrase, which has been widely used as a way to support victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings not even a week prior to this show, promoted an enormous response of clapping, screaming and cheering from everyone in the crowd (and even a Mullins Center employees). Rusko appeared to be having the time of his life on stage, constantly jumping around and screaming “UMass!” it was refreshing to see a DJ have just as much (if not more!) fun as everyone in the crowd.

The lights and sounds of the night combined to create the perfect end for all of UMass’s 4/20 festivities. In the words of Rusko, “Woo-mass u guys were seriously boosted tonight so cool!!”

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