Austin based DJ/producer and bass connoisseur Run DMT, has dropped his fresh self-titled LP which is packed with eight tracks that each bring a little something different to the world of bass music. Without sticking to any particular genre, Run DMT keeps your senses going with a unique sound that any fans of the bass genre can appreciate. The first track “Ladies Night” featuring the MC stylings of Zeale, gives a cinematic feel with intergalactic styled synths that sound like aliens surfing on the stars. While ladies night has a dubstep breakdown, Run DMT still runs the trap with tracks like “The Getaway” and “Shaman Juice.” The most surprising and eclectic track would have to be the “Russian Doll Smoking Interlude," which brings a euphoric piano melody and sailing synths, making me wish it was a full track, rather than an interlude. Although Run DMT kept the energy level up throughout the LP, I would have liked to hear more of the emotional tracks such as the stellar “Ending Credits," which really highlights the diversity that can be involved in bass music. Check out the tracklisting below, and grab the release on Beatport here.


1. Ladies Night feat. Zeale
2. The Getaway
3. Shaman Juice
4. Russian Smoking Doll Interlude
5. Pentagram
6. Trampoline
7. Starlight feat. Betty Black
8. Ending Credits

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